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lawyer’s job is to fight for his client legally.


As a leading Cambodian law firm, The FLAG is capable to provide high-quality services to various clients. We have extensive experience in providing legal services to both multinationals investing projects in Cambodia and to domestic companies. We are professional and experts, among other, in:

Real Estate related service

  • Title checking and due diligence;
  • Lease and certificate of perpetual lease,
  • Land use rules and Land use Planning (Land Right, Responsibility &Restriction)
  • Concessions; i.e. ELC…

Real Right Registration

  • Property transactions; first registration, sub-sequent registration and complementary registration;
  • Real Right registration, registration of provision attachment (ការរិបអូសបណ្តោះអាសន្ន), registration of provisional disposition (ការចាត់ចែងបណ្តោះអាសន្ន) and attachment (ការរិបអូស) based on final and definitive judgment.
  • This is to enforce the provisional relief (រក្សាការពារ) in compliance with Civil Code and Civil Procedures, i.e. hypothec, pledge..etc. This is to apply to all property and real rights Borei, Private Unit of Co-owned Building, Condominium .

Foreigner ownership

  • legal advice in foreigner ownership;
  • Strata title (aka special co-ownership);
  • Internal regulation for a condominium and Borei complex;
  • Management committee of a condominium and Borei complex.
  • Legal advice to protect the foreigner rights on property as guaranteed by Cambodian Law…etc

Construction legal compliance

Construction and buildable areas:

  • Construction permit,
  • Construction licensing,
  • Construction business activities report to public agency;
  • Construction restrictions research,
  • Industrial park,
  • Special Economic Zones,

Family and succession

  • Adoption with legal procedure;
  • Marriage & divorce;
  • Wills & trusts; Estate (Heritage).
  • Testamentary gift.
  • Immigration & work permits;
  • Legal translation…etc

Natural Resources

We provide legal advice for the success of:

  • Agro-industrial investment…i.e. Economic Land Concession (ELC);
  • Contract Farming;
  • Cooperation between small, medium and large scale farming
  • Environmental law compliance, Environmental Impact Assessment based on environmental law, (Legal analysis for both national and international law related to environmental protection)..
  • Concession: legal advice and analysis for client in the area of Forest Concession, Mining Concession, and physical infrastructure concession, i.e. port, road, bridge…etc.

Intellectual Property Law

  • Copy rights & related rights registration;
  • Trade mark & trade name registration;
  • Patent registration;
  • Gaining Intellectual Property Right protection and renewal. This includes trade dress, trade secret and geographical indication…etc.

Corporate governance and advice

  • Corporate due diligence;
  • Setting up new company ( incorporation & registration)
  • Modifying entity statute;
  • Offering relevant legal & general advices;
  • Conducting case investigation prior to legal actions;
  • Drafting contracts, agreements, & collective bargaining agreement (CBA);
  • Offering general advice in union relationship
  • Offering mediation between managements and employees
  • Representing companies in negotiation, mediation, & court cases when required.
  • Legal consultations are available for enterprises through monthly charge as per retainer agreement.

Taxation, Customs & clearance

  • Corporate & individual tax filing & declarations;
  • Tax counseling & strategy;
  • Tax dispute settlement;
  • Import duty & customs clearance

Labor Law & employments

  • Filing lawsuit to request preservative relief in case employees going on illegal strike;
  • Filing lawsuit on behalf of client to claim for compensation before courts;
  • Offering representation on behalf of companies before Minister of Labor, Arbitration Council, & all levels for court;
  • Offering consultation on employment contract, termination employee;
  • Drafting internal rules & other legal requirements;
  • Foreign employees;
  • Reviewing labor law compliance of companies.


Investment and cooperate governance:

  • Offering consultation on investment law, i.e. Energy, Hotel & Tourism, Infrastructure, Aviation, Telecom;
  • Merger & acquisition & Joint Ventures;
  • Corporate restructuring & share transfers, Liquidation & Bankruptcy;
  • Business licensing & permits;
  • Government relations;
  • Shareholder agreements & joint venture agreements.

International Trade in Goods & Services

  • Distribution & franchise agreements;
  • Management & professional services;
  • Logistics consulting;
  • Competition, product liability & consumer protection;
  • Anti-Monopoly & Antitrust;
  • Anti-dumping & countervailing measure.
  • TWO dispute settlement advice.

Non profit organization

  • Foundation, Association, Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Start up local & International Organization Registration.
  • Studying legal framework for non-profit organization’s activities to be carried out in Cambodia and in the region.

Civil Law & litigation

  • Compiling facts of a case before decision making to file lawsuits in civil cases;
  • Representing clients before related authorities & courts in civil litigation;
  • Defending clients before police authority & courts;
  • Offering general advice on legal concerns.

Criminal Law & litigation

  • Compiling facts of a case before decision making to file lawsuits in criminal cases;
  • Representing clients before related authorities and courts in criminal case;
  • Defending clients before police authority & courts;
  • Offering general advice on legal concerns.

Amicable Dispute Resolution

  • Negotiation, Mediation, arbitration & out-of-court settlement.
  • Civil & commercial litigation.

Consultancy and Training

We provide consultancy service and training on various sectors:

  • Public Policy and Legal consultancy service;
  • Public service delivery;
  • Legal and judicial reform;
  • Legal research and analysis;
  • Human right, right Based approach, related study;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Training, .i.e. basic law training

Hourly Based Advice

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