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  • “Rule base and justice for all”: We proclaim how highly we value the Rule of Law, and Equality and Justice under the Law. We believe that If we “play by the rules”, it would – at least from our part, help the society to adhere to be a rule base way of living for all also known as justice for all. The founder of our law firm, had joined a research study titled “ Pathways to justice : access to justice with a focus on poor, women and indigenous peoples “which enable our firm to stand firm with a rule base and justice for all approach in our profession providing legal services in a fair manner.

  • “Social justice and responsible”: Along with providing legal advice and service to the client, The FLAG is adhering strictly with the social responsibility and social justice. By assuring this, The FLAG is putting the public interest in mind in every decision making to be made or legal advice be provided to clients.

  • “Client’s success and interest’s oriented”: The FLAG is here to serve not to be served. This means, we put our client’s interest and success first. We maximize the value of our services to our clients as we fully understand the client’s requirement, challenge, interest, objective and goal. We are more than just a law firm but We are building good partnership with client as one team, to deliver the work-done greatly

  • “Trustworthy”: The FLAG is standing firm on trust. With this, we have built trust from our client.

  • “Adhering to good governance and bribery-free”: The FLAG is a firm stand firm in legal compliance for providing legal service to its client in compliance with good governance principles and policies, and committed to be bribery-free by opposing to corruption in all forms, as well as by eradicating corruption or mitigating the corruption risks and by doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

  • “Corporate Social Responsible”: We are providing pro bono legal service. The FLAG has enabled each lawyer and our team members have an ethical professional responsibility in order to provide legal support to those who would not be able to access justice, especially those unable to pay, and those disadvantaged (disable, indigenous, poor HHs and marginalized) group. The FLAG, once there is such a need, has assigned certain team members to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and pro bono for those areas of unmet legal need. Doing that The FLAG is integrating its pro bono legal service with other community and philanthropic support programs. Now all of our team are specialist to advise our firms on the development and management of their CSR program, including non-legal related activities such as tree plantings, library for rural schools, sporting...etc.

  • “Resourcing with all efforts and high commitment”: The FLAG understands its clients’ concern and interest of getting things done successfully. With this understanding, we put our effort with strong commitments to meet our clients’ demands.

  • “Getting more than you paid”: The FLAG’s guiding philosophy is that we could provide legal service to our clients with more than they are to pay and even more than their expectation.

  • “Answering to meet maximum of the demand, but under the law”: The FLAG’s legal service is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client to the extend that it can provide within the framework of existing law and regulations.

  • “Proving what you can do, revenue comes after”: Our criteria are whether the firm’s efforts would bring a good result for our client. Having said so, The FLAG accepts projects in which we are know best.

  • “Rectangular-H “4-H” principle”: HARD – Working, with passion and energy, our performance is fueled with skill and professional for best result. HONESTY and loyalty is the core of any relationship we have and with this we act with integrity and with friendliness, compassion. we are HUMBLE and are not arrogant nor do we treat people with love for everyone. And We determine to be HELPFUL which applied to all our service as team since we acknowledge that we learn from life’s “team-up” experiences. This spirit of helpfulness, being a helpful person, we are willing to assist our colleagues when they are experiencing any difficulties in our work.

  • “Rectangular-R “4-R” principle”: RESPONSIBLE (Our team member takes personal responsibility and accountability in order to meet the needs of our clients and their interests’ objective. In no way that our team would make excuses or point the figure to someone to bear any fault; but we are there just to get thing done responsibly). RESPONSIVE (We get back to our clients promptly as our clients expect us to respond to their questions and concerns quickly to their issues with much care), RESPECTFUL (We embrace diversity with diverse opinions in order to show respect treatment with dignity to all client) and REPORTING (We have a good on time reporting habit which make our profession run smooth and achieve the ultimate best result for our clients).

  • “Rectangular-ABCD principle”: This ABCD rule is for staff to grow by enabling our team members to be ACTIVE, BRAVE, CREATIVE, and well DISCIPLINE.

  • “Performance Driven”: We appreciate effort, but we reward and celebrate results. We set challenging goals and we do not shy away from accountability.

  • “Once the staff is growing, the firm is healthier”: We also put our efforts to build up the capability of our team by provide in-house trainings and send them to join various trainings in different topic at their choice of interests, and we are open for them to grow, endlessly.

  • “Equitable shares for our team as one family”: We together creates a more enriching profession and work environment and generates a better results. Our relationships go deeper than simply being teammates at work. We genuinely and equitably share the growths as well as we care for and about each other as in one single learning and working place.

  • “We correctly react to what happens and commits for excellence”: Yes, We carefully listen to what happen and access the situation as per what happen, but it depends on how one may react to what happen. For us, We are to well access the what happens and propose to correctly react to that amongst the solutions. Doing this, we are committed to excellence which is relentlessly pursuing delivery of expected results.

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